Sunday, August 12, 2012


We have been doing a ton of swimming this year even though I haven't taken many pictures. The girls took swimming lessons for he first time. Annistyn did so good in her lessons and isn't scared of the water anymore! {AT ALL} I was so proud of her:)

4th of July

This year we went down with the Ivers to Nephi in the morning to the carnival and let the girls play! They loved it. Then later that night we met some friends up in Provo to watch the fireworks. So much fun! We have the best friends!

FHE Grotto Hike

Our girls can't get enough of this hike. We've been there a ton but they love it every time!

Annistyn did her Princess Camp again this year and she had so much fun.  Her friends Ellie and McKaylee did it with her.  They are all so cute together:)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ragnar ~ Wasatch Back 2012

I ran my first Ragnar {Wasatch Back} this year and loved it! It was such an accomplishment! I used to think all those moms with Ragnar stickers on their car were so annoying but I understand the "sticker" now. After I running that long and hard you bet that sticker was going on my car and I am proud of it! haha We had such a fun team of girls! I thought I was trained really good but those legs through the mountains were pretty hard! I was 8 Weeks pregnant at this time so the morning sickness was in full force and was a little rough...but I survived I guess.  Next year will be so much more fun not sick! I ran a total of 18.3 miles:)
1st Leg - 3.8 Mile Run up hill at about 2 pm in 85 degree weather. This was hard because I always run at 5:30 in the moring when it's 60's or 50's so I definatly was not prepared for the heat but it was a fun run and I got a good time.
2nd Leg - 7.5 Mile about 3:30 in the morning on a freaky rapist dirt trail by a train track. I can't tell you how many prayers I said for Heavenly Father just to keep me alive! There was no moon out so all I had was the light of my head lamp in the pitch dark. First of all I am the BIGGEST PANSY out there so I was terrified the whole time I was going to get kidnapped off the trail but of course I made it out alive! This was the worst run I have ever ran. I threw up 2 times I think because the head lamp made me so dizzy and sick. I was so happy to get this run over with! Longest 7 Miles of my Life!
3rd Leg - 7.0 Mile run down through Deer Valley Resort. It was a very hilly run and again in the heat of the day. I really liked this run it was so pretty and it was my last leg so I was so excited to get done:)

I was not patient enough to put these pictures in order but they are fun to have documented:)

Our Team {Girls with ALTITUDE}


The Exchange for my Last Leg after Kaydee just rocked running the "Ragnar Hill"

Our Ragnar Tats

Checking in to start in Eden Utah

Me and Kaydee

Kaydee, Me, Lindzy & Talysha

Running my last leg....It was so so hot!

Waiting at the finish line for our last runner to come in:)

The Finish Line

Kaydee, Erin and Me

My Exchange on my 1st leg with Erin

Kaydee ROCKIN' the "RAGNAR HILL" I can't even tell you how hot and steep this run was! But she was awesome!

Lindzy always keeping us entertained:)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Visit to Dad's Work

Chris works for Christensen Arms where they build custom guns! So if you can only imagine how much Chris loves it:) My friend Leah and I took all the kiddos down there one day to meet up for lunch with our hubby's and Chris showed me his office. It was pretty sweet!

Annistyn's Pre-School Graduation (2nd Year)

Annistyn's Graduation was so cute! Her teachers really go above and beyond. Annistyn really did good in class this year and still has one more year! Sheesh:) Grandma Cindy and Dani were there to cheer her on with me:)