Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snow Shoeing

We didn't get out and go Snow Shoeing as much this winter. Probably because it was such a mild winter (which is totally fine with me).  We went on a few in Bear Lake and then hiked Mount Loafer a few times.



Christmas 2011

Christmas Morning getting ready for church!
After opening presents:)
Christmas Dresses

They were obsessed with the table and chairs we got them and insisted to sit on them for every picture! haha

We went to temple square the day after Christmas:)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Christmas in Bear Lake 2011

We had a lot of fun in Bear Lake this last Christmas. It was full of lots of Snow Shoeing, Sledding, Snow Mobiling, etc.... We had so much fun with all the cousins!

Christmas Eve - All the kids in their matching PJ's from Grandma and Papa! We had a lot of cousins missing this year but we still had fun:)

MaybeOur Fam on Christmas Eve - Don't judge it's really hard to get a good picture with Miss l!

Can't have a Gambling party with out a little wrestling happening:)

Seeing Santa at John and Rhonda's ward party!
Playing down at the Hollows

Annistyn's first snow shoes! She loved them!

Me and Chris' snow shoe up Lone Pine

All Annistyn and Maybes wanted to do was to be pulled behind the 4-Wheeler on the sled or they wanted to be riding on the snow machines!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Annistyn's 4th Birthday

Annistyn's 4th Birthday!

This was actually at her Doctor's check up.  She was SOOOO excited she didn't have to get any shots for once! 
Annistyn had her first friend birthday party! She had a Candy Land Party. They made Candy Trains, Played a Candy Land Game, Decorated Bags and Visited the Candy Store:)

Opening her presents that morning!